About Us

Jah Scribe has been in the Teas and Beverages industry for over two decades and has proven among its competitors to proven to be the crème de la crème beverage company.

Since 2017

Jah Scribe was birth in New York City by its founder Dexter Russell who had a vision of bringing healing to the world.


Our History

Mr. Russell grew up in an English society where having tea was embedded in its culture. He was always a sickly child growing up. His mom decided to give him the marijuana tea which he discovered had healing properties. His first-hand experience of the natural medicinal benefits that can be derived from the plant was his inspiration behind the Hemp beverage company aimed at spreading healing to the world. Hemp, known as cannabis, is a plant that is similar to the marijuana plant which is also known as cannabis. Hemp, however, contains only 0.3 percent or less THC while marijuana contain more than 0.3 percent THC. Additionally, hemp is federally legal while marijuana is not federally legal. Furthermore, Russell’s belief is shaped by the Bible which teaches that God has provided us with all the plants needed to bring about our healing. Hence, we should enjoy the Lord’s provisions and their benefits.  


Our Promise

We trust our product and believe that every sip you make of the amazing tea and beverage from Jah Scribe should be savored. In addition to its amazing taste, it is compact with medicinal benefits derived from plants then synthesized changing the compound. Staying true to nature while offering an infusion of regular tea, CBD teas are guaranteed to offer relieve to whatever life ailments. CBD teas offers several benefits which include alleviating pain, nausea, anxiety and migraine, promoting good sleep and lowering appetite.